Erick Morillo Interview

Not only is he one of the world’s great DJ’s, Erick Morillo is a very nice man, absolutely approachable and incredibly passionate about his work.

An electro music lover, with an ever-developing eclectic blend, Street Cred met him backstage at the South West Four Festival to witness how much he lives and breathes his music.

How does it feel to be here at the South West Four Festival?
I’m really happy to be here. I like to see the public’s reaction. It’s different than in clubs but I like to perform in festivals.

Electronic music is more popular now, what do you think of the emergence of electronic and house music?
It’s a good thing but, if its massive for people now it was massive for me before. I was in, so I see it in the same way.
Now we play Hip Hop with electronic music, house but you know it’s not really new.

You are an artist for many years now. What is your recipe to last, your secret?
I am real, I am myself and I like to share with people. They are the key. I like to perform in front of the crowd. I love that, I am addicted to it. I am passionate and I never forget the underground movement.

For the whole interview and SW4 coverage, check out the September edition of Street Cred Magazine.



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