Elba’s unforgettable ‘Long Walk’

In playing a world icon so soon after his death would be a daunting task for anybody, but for Idris Elba, taking on the role of Nelson Mandela proved cathartic and hugely self-inspiring.

In fact, for the British actor, best known over here for his role as TV Detective, Luther,  the idea of playing the great man almost proved too overwhelming to take on.

Londoner, Elba, spoke recently about how he nearly turned down the role of Mandela after thinking it was a joke when he was first asked.

The actor, now one of Hollywood’s most wanted leading men, also talked about how ere he felt when, whilst at the world premier of  the biopic; ‘Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom,’  in Leicester Square, it was announced that the freedom fighter had passed away:

“I nearly turned the role down when I was offered it. I just didn’t think they were serious when they asked me. I thought that Morgan Freeman must be available for the role.  But when it became clear that it was me who was their first choice I became very nervous. I began to think that if I mess this up, then that’s it for me.

Read the full article on Idris as January’s Mr Street Cred in the January edition of Street Cred Magazine.


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