August Editors Note

Summer Holiday’s are here and this is the time where all the hot parties concerts and festivals take place.  So far we have been to a few shows and they have all been jamming, something about the summer that makes you want to party hard even if the weather isn’t great.  In terms of sunshine I am still waiting but honestly it wouldn’t surprise me if it snowed at this time of year it really wouldn’t. I mean so far we have had rain and storms so that’s our summer.

I see a lot of you have gone on holiday too, as I scroll down my notifications on Facebook I see so many of my friends taking beach selfies  and tagging me in the picture.  Ha  I do envy you all but I tell you this when I go abroad I will make sure you all wont hear the last of it. ha.  So yes welcome to the summer Street Cred Magazine supplement and check out FabulousAYou fashion section which focuses on the wedding season.

Gracing our cover is the amazing Naomi Campbell god doesn’t she look hot for her age she still has those luscious lips. Check our review on the legendary soul diva Karyn White who did an amazing show at Birminghams Jam House and so much more.

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