DJ Stef has gone from local House party DJ to playing at festivals


Being a multi genre DJ is the way forward today and very few can be jack of all trade and master of many.

This young talented guy DJ Stef is on his way to becoming a force to reckon with.

 His mix cd’s are the popular topic of many households in Birmingham and there is a constant demand for him to build more.

 Who is Stef? The young aspiring talent that started out in 2002 at tender age of 15.

He was inspired by his late father Original Don who was famous for his Reggae selection on New Style FM.  Stef’s father showed him the ropes of the music game especially in the sound system scene.

 Watching his popular father made Stef determined to follow in his footsteps and collect classic records.

 Stef comes from the Kingshurst area in Birmingham which is home of our great Lady Leshurr, a true DJ who has certainly made a name for himself by putting on his own raves, Local house parties and now the very area he comes from has given him the chance to play at their big festival called Shard fest where he will be alongside the likes of So Solid Crew, Lotto Boyzz , Artful Dodger Luck and neat and many more.

Imagine playing in your own area for years and your now able to play alongside your idols in your own ends. WOW DJ Stef is growing from strength to strength and is even championed by Wayne Irie who presented him with his first award when he was only 16.

 Feel the passion of a DJ that truly loves people and his music. A truly genuine and humble guy who is determined and  building a huge fanbase who crave for his Urban Banger mixtapes.

 You can check out his links for mixes on the link below.


Facebook: DjstefSkervin
Instagram: djstef78
Snapchat: djstef37