Disney On Ice: A Wonderful Spectacle

Every year we look forward to Disney’s spectacular. This year was no exception. Genting Arena was this years venue for a unique masterclass of fun fun fun.
At the meet and greet the kids went wild as Micky Mouse burst unto the scene. He brought the high fives and a big cuddle for those eager beavers.
This is an amazing time for mums and dads to get into the world of make believe and dream innocently of all that is out of this world.
Frozen stole the show for me. It was just magical breathtaking pleasure.
Every child was at the edge of their seat with some being held back from wanting to leap the barriers and join the cast during the performances.
Its their world of total pleasure and fairytale. Our lucky family thoroughly enjoyed every moment.
We would like to thank the team at Disney on Ice team for making us all become dreamers, seeing the magic through the eyes of innocence is a joyous privilege for everyone attending.
Birmingham City Stars Michael Morrison and Harlee Dean and their families also caught the show.
Disney On Ice continues around the country on its whirlwind tour bringing the bright lights and stunning music to little dreamers everywhere.
Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Enchantment takes you on an action-packed adventure featuring four much-loved Disney stories; Cars, The Little Mermaid, Toy Story and of course not forgetting #1 Animated movie of all time Disney’s Frozen.