Diddy’s 5 rules for looking SWAG.

Does P Diddy’s fly rules still count? Here is what the influential music and fashion mogul  said back in the day on his P Twitty video.

Rule 1: Plans a, b, c, d, e, f, g. I’m trying to do something black right now. As you can see, most definitely. This is options.”

Rule 2:  “Rule number two. Fabrication. Your s**t’s gotta look expensive. Your s**t’s gotta look fly.Suede is a must.

Rule 3: “Fly rule number three. Suede. Period. Point. Blank. If you don’t own any suede, you ain’t fly. ”

Rule 4: : “Fly n****r rule number four, always have a little extra cash to go around.

Rule 5: , cameras gonna be flashing tonight baby, take some glasses, give this one to your girl. “