Danni Minoque turns down a £1m X-Factor deal

The highly anticipated plan to bring back Dannii Minogue as a judge on UK X Factor has now been shelved after the Aussie singer turned down a £1million deal from TV execs.

Initially Dannii had been offered £75,000 for the comeback, but kindly declined. When that was raised to the million mark and she still refused, X Factor bosses pulled out of the deal and now they’re desperately looking for a replacement.

Having been snubbed, producers of the programme are now churlishly telling the press that Dannii was actually after £5million to do the show, which they would never be willing to offer, however the singer’s friends say she didn’t want to do the show eventually because she wanted to spend more time with her son Ethan.

So, we guess this means there will frantic tabloid speculation for the next few weeks about who’ll be replacing her. Any suggestions for the X Factor bosses?

How about Alex Reid? He’s got a music career now after all.


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