Daniel Johnson Interview

We caught up with Celebrity Hairstylist Daniel Johnson for the November edition of Street Cred Magazine!

Firstly could you tell the readers a little background information on what is exactly that you do?
My name’s Daniel Johnson and I’m a Celebrity Hairstylist. I started cutting hair from the age of 12 years old. I know it’s young but from a young age, I realized that there was nobody around who could cut my hair with the style and precision I wanted. So I decided to learn and do it myself. Pretty simple really.

As I got more practice in, I realized I was good at it. My reputation grew and that’s when I started trimming the hair of some of my close friends and family. Before I knew it I was cutting the hair of most of the people in my area and attracting all types of clients. It snowballed and, following an lot of hard work, I opened my first shop at the age of just 16.

You’ve cut hair for some of the biggest names in football but who gave you the best feedback?
To be honest, all my clients have given me nothing but good feedback for my haircuts and it makes me feel really happy that they have recommended me to their friends and contacts. Many of these people have become long-term clients who I still have on my books today.

 I think the best recommendation is that they keep coming back. I always say that ‘you’re only as good as your last cut.’ Times change, fashions change and if you don’t keep your game up, you won’t have any clients for long. I work hard to make sure that I deliver THE BEST service to my clients and that’s why they keep coming back. It’s the best compliment I could receive.

Did you always want to become a hairstylist or was it something you just fell into?
Cutting hair for me was always a must! Where I grew up, nobody could cut my hair the way I wanted… I’ve always wanted to be the greatest at what I do – whether that was as a hairstylist or any other career I could have chosen. That’s just me! I give it the full 100% or not at all, being good means nothing to me, only the greatest matters!! I work hard to make sure that I achieve that.

You’ve got many different products out at the moment, where would you say would be perfect way to purchase them?
The best way to purchase my new exclusive men’s hair collection in online. You can buy them at www.danielj.org and they will soon be available in stores and most hair salons very soon. I’ll keep you posted.

To read the full interview, check out the November edition of Street Cred Magazine!


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