Daft Punk – Random Access Memories Review

We take a look through Daft Punks latest album.

Daft Punk return with what is arguably one of the most eagerly anticipated releases of 2013. When the French electronic duo set their mind to music they usually don’t disappoint and this release sees them following their trend of creating contemporary masterpieces.

The album is very much an ‘album’. That probably sounds like a strange statement but what I mean by that is it hasn’t been constructed in the manner that all songs are dead cert singles but instead has been constructed as an entire piece of music designed to be listened to from start to finish for 74 minutes. Of course there are tracks on there that are fantastic in their own right but there are also songs that taken away from the album environment would be a bit lost, songs that you probably wouldn’t sit and listen to individually.
A lot of people will buy this album purely from hearing the sensational single ‘Get Lucky’ and buying it based on that wouldn’t be a bad move!

‘Get Lucky’ sets the tone of the album, a funky, 70’s and 80’s inspired tone which sees legendary guitarist and producer Nile Roger’s funky licks decorating tracks like ‘Lose Yourself To Dance’. Even Julian Cassablancas of The Strokes fame steps in with some wonderful vocals on ‘Instant Crush’ which is one of my highlights on the album, Fans of old Daft records will be pleased to hear the soaring electric guitar solos, dancefloor inspired hits and ending track ‘Contact’  has elements similar to one of my all time favourite tracks of theirs, ‘Aerodynamic’, from their Discovery days.

The praise the duo are receiving for this album is entirely justified in my eyes as they bring a new element and dimension to their sound and continue to progress with modern music. There is talk that their live sets will feature a fully live band so it is probably worth keeping an eye out for tour dates in the near future too. Fantastic work.

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