So after selling 13 million albums having international stardom and sold out tours, the

Southampton born and bred Craig David is back once again and shows he is still born 

to do it. 16 years ago this young man burst on the UK garage scene and crossed over 

into the pop charts  with the massive hit single Rewind produced by the Artful dodger 

and ever since then he has been smashing it as one of the worlds biggest singers in 



The new CD is good looking with a swagger style but what makes this mans success 

for sure is his silky voice which is so distinct. Craig was off the UK scene for while as

he lives in Miami America constantly selling out concerts where he DJ’s and also as 

you can see he has been working on his physical side too and must say he looks great.

We have all missed Craig’s music especially his urban sound which made him who he

is and like he says in many of his recent interviews, he is back to how he felt at 16 

where he didn’t take life too seriously and is just out to have a good time. 

The energy shown by Craig shows that he really is enjoying himself and finally has 

creative control over his music.

The promotion for Craig’s comeback has been extraordinary. We have seen him 

selling out arenas as a DJ worldwide and performing his own songs on set leading up 

to his new single release – When The Bassline Drops featuring Big Narstie.

Craig’s official UK comeback was when he surprised the nation with a mind blowing 

performance with Reggie and Bollie on X Factor and after seeing how he tore the roof

off Wembley stadium it was official that our UK boy is back. 

So now we are seeing Craig go back to his musical roots and bringing back the 

Garage sound to the mainstream. His new album will feature underground acts like 

Big Narstie and boast production from White Nerd who hails from Manchester. 

Craig is at home and really keeping his ear to the ground and working the music from 

the streets to the mainstream. We are happy to see he is back and for sure he deserves 

the title ‘legend’. 

Keep an eye out for TS5 shows and his own radio show on Capital Xtra where he 

records live from Miami. As we would say on the streets, Craig is going on sick!


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