Cover Story – Daniel Sturridge

As England faced Uruguay, in the all-important Group D. World Cup clash in São Paulo, expectations were high for the ‘Three Lions’ boys to overcome their South American nemesis, but for Daniel Sturridge it was another game in which he knows, as long as you give him the ball, he will score.

The even more vital game against Uruguay proved a bridge too far for the young guns but, after the demoralising 2-1 defeat against the South Americans, led by his equally high scoring Liverpool strike partner, Luis Suárez, Daniel has now fully developed as the go-to man from now on in.

Not over-cockiness, it’s the kind of self-confidence that has seen the Liverpool striker’s speedy rise to the top of his sport in this country and revered around the world as one of the games’ greatest today.
Whatever you want to put his intense self-esteem down to, others around him in the England camp would do well to take a smidgen of the spades of confidence that has seen him emerge as the latest, and probably greatest, of the footballing family dynasty that has spanned the past thirty-plus years.

Birmingham-born Sturridge, whilst taking the heaps of praise he is deservedly receiving, in his considerable stride, will always, in return, pay massive and untold praise to his mother, Grace, father, former Birmingham City player, Michael, his uncles, Simon, who to this day is still seen as an all-time legend at St. Andrews, as well as Stoke City, and Dean who was a goal-scoring hero at Derby County, Leicester City, Wolverhampton Wanderers and QPR, plus the coaches and mentors who saw in him, from a very early age, what we are all seeing and admiring now.

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