Chantelles Spot – April

Hi readers, my name is Chantelle Guy, I’m a 31 yr old single parent to a ten year old little madam.

I sometimes like to say to young people ‘yeah yeah been there done that’

But to an extent I’d be lying!

Young people are different nowadays!

I asked group of (about 15 yrs old) boys their opinion about girls nowadays. The answers were so contradictory it is astounding…BE PREPARED!


‘clothes are too tight but I like it’

‘they wear too much make up sometimes but more time I look it cos they look pretty with it’

‘they act like no it alls but my girl must be UP on her game!!!

Now, for me, in order for an individual to be ‘UP on their game’ their career should be in place, they should be happy with their lives and themselves and really LIVING rather than just EXISTING!

So for a teen to say that really ASTOUNDED me! Do these young men mean that they like older women?

They are still in the place of ‘self-seek’! They cannot be UP on their game as they are still unclear of what their game actually is!

Does this then mean that young men have their type of women in their peripheral vision already?

YOUNG MEN are exactly that, MEN who are young, not fully formed, not 100%, they know but they don’t know that they know yet!

To be fair how fully formed were you at 15? Let’s ease up on them!

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