Chantelle’s Spot – You are not your hair!

I know some people bag on about weave well I’m not about to join ‘em but I am going to speech about hair in general, your own grown from the scalp or not!
I do not have an issue with shop bought hair of any kind, locks, short hair, cornrows, permed, long, dyed, mohicans, chiney bumps, doo doo plaits etcetera etcetera etcetera BUT I do have an issue with NON-MAINTENANCE!
Blatant neglect! It’s not nice! It may be expensive but just do your research about your hairstyle needs first before you get tied into a non-verbal contract with your own hair!
Think of your hair like a new relationship, in the beginning everything is CRISIS!
After a little while there may be a few kinks but nothing that a little taming in the right direction can’t cure, then later you may need to add something to it to bring the spark back, but if negligence continues it can go wild, grow out of style till it just needs replacing!

On both accounts it may not be nice, you might not be ready to say goodbye to it yet until you remember that simple eleven digit, 3 syllable word that Chantelle wrote about!

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