Chantelle’s Spot – How many faces do you have?

Don’t we all have multiple faces? Don’t we all portray ourselves in one way to some and another way to others? Or do we have one face with multiple sides?

After a conversation with my friend about relationships she was firm on her decision to not have anything to do with her ex once they split but then when we were out with some other girls, including me, her decision was different! 

She explained that she loved him and always would no matter what and that she didn’t really want to split from him but that there time was up! 


I was tremendously confused! So I asked her what was with the difference of stories. Her justification started with ‘them lot won’t go after him now they know I’m emotionally tied to him and they don’t know me and him like that to judge our situation. 


My once astounded face slowly started to soften into a face of ‘fairdo’.

But then later on that day I asked myself ‘is she two-faced or what?’ Being two-faced is quite a negative critique of someone.  

Do we all not act one way in front of some and a different way in front of others? However smiling and chatting to someone in one breath then snarling and bitching about them in the next are two-different things and I guess this is where the two-facedness comes in. 

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