Chantelle’s Spot – Hip Hop Heavvvayyy!

Being a rapper obviously pays WELL! Some rappers have gone from small to medium to large to extra-large over the years! Busta Rhymes is my perfect example from his big tune ‘Scenario’ to his even bigger tune ‘Twerk it’, his build and his bank balance tremendously increased.

He is now eating WELL! I‘m not saying that he enjoys drenching his body in fat from the deeply fried foods he has been devouring but I am saying that he is now eating WELL! 
As you know I like to look into things on a deep level, so I did and I noticed that a lot of rappers money making movements have food references e.g. ‘get dat cheese, make dat cheddar, dough and bread, whatever!’
But they never use meat references! I’ve noticed they are normally reserved for us women e.g. ‘chick, chicken-head, bird, beef’ lol.
Look at it like this; bread is from the carbohydrates food group, it fills you up quickly whereas meat is a protein it doesn’t fill you up as quick but it keeps you full or content for longer and is more nutritious depending on how it has been cooked! Do you see the relation?
Chicken – meat – good for you depending on how it’s cooked.
Chick – female – good to you depending on how she is treated.
Bread – carbohydrate – makes you feel full or content for longer.
Bread – money – makes you feel content for a while or at least until it’s finished.
This is why we need a balanced diet and relationship, the two correlate so nicely!
Personally I don’t really like bread or money however I am fully aware that I need both to live so I just go for healthier options in terms of bread and I earn money doing something I love.
Anyway I digress, back to wealthy and healthy rappers. Healthier food can be expensive, let’s keep it real, but these rappers can afford it! 50 cent had his own water, for heaven’s sake! And apparently sold it for 9 figures! So couldn’t he have just bought a Holland and Barrett for the rappers to munch at after performing?
I know, not likely in the slightest but you see where I’m coming from, don’t ya? Yes, they may love their ‘soul food’ but long as that same love is given to their female counterpart its ALL GRAVY BABY!

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