Chantelle’s Spot – Facebook or Book of Faces?

I like facebook! I have connected with some influential and wonderful people, met and conversed with distant family abroad, created groups, joined groups, created events and attended events BUT I cannot, I mean REALLY  cannot and I’m sure that I’m not alone on this, tolerate these damn game requests!

I NEVER EVER WANNA PLAY THEM! Is there a notification that the invitee gets if I play or not? I don’t know and I really don’t care!

I don’t like to place blame on anyone and anything however my tolerance bar is reducing and I really believe that its due to this!

I don’t even talk these facebook friends in real life! I have actually seen some facebook friends, that send me these requests, walk past me and not even blink in my direction!

I do not delete them as a facebook friend as some people can get quite offended when really all I have to do is ignore the requests, which I do do, but to delete someone, to some people, is like saying ‘don’t chat to me, you do my ‘ed in, I’m deleting you out of my life’.


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