Chantelle’s Spot – Does my butt look big in this??

Now LADIES, what kind of answer do you really want from this question? A truthful answer, which allows you to go and seek a different outfit that compliments your derriere?

Or, a lie, that will keep your confidence and self-esteem intact?  Or some kind of creative answer that doesn’t answer your question at all but pleases you enough for you to blush and giggle pleasingly?

First of all there is nothing wrong with a big butt, in some countries and cultures it signifies wealth!

After speaking with a group of women about the above question I learnt that sometimes we may ask questions that can lead to an argument.

After the truth is revealed then you can reveal your true response of regretting your actions and wishing you had just shut your mouth or absolute shock and awe to what to what your partner said!

Questions such as: Do you love me? Do I smell? Have I lost/gained any weight? Will you marry me?

These are all good questions that can require a simple, short and quick answer but during the course of your relationship you should be able to answer these questions without even asking them!

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