Chantelle’s Column – Come and Talk to Me!

A classic tune by one of the hottest R‘n’B boy bands of the 90’s and also a pleasant chat up opening, albeit kind of demanding!

In an ideal world the opposite sex would allure you with a cheeky yet sweet smile then advance towards you with a respectful, maybe humourous, but definitely attention-gaining one liner.


Instead of ‘YO’ or some kind of ‘complimentary’ adjective defining a body part or worse yet ‘OI!’ It’s MAD disrespectful! 

Men, young men, women and young women DO NOT holler at someone you like in that way and also DO NOT respond to that in anyway.  

Does chivalry no longer exist? Or have women become too independent to accept it. When a man opens a door for you to walk through or pulls out a chair for you to sit on, how do you respond? 

Do you accept, smile and thank or scowl and retort with ‘I can do it myself thanks!’ Are we not allowing men to treat us like the princesses/queens that we are! 

Or are we not acting like princesses/queens in order to receive said treatment?

The point I’m trying to enforce is that chivalry, respect, creative and pleasant greetings seem to have escaped from the lips and brains of some of our men! 

My advice is to go out there and find wherever they went and bring ‘em back! And ladies, if a man wants to treat you like a prince/queen, LET HIM!


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