BucketFeet – Artist Designed Footwear

Trainers with a unique flavour instead of having Nike or Adidas on your feet…

Trainers with a unique flavour instead of having Nike or Adidas on your feet… which everyone has and everyone is tired of seeing. I mean don’t get me wrong they make incredible footwear and are incredibly stylish, yet nothing compared to BucketFeet’s shoes. As summer is on the way why wouldn’t you have something different that expresses colour, and the spirit of summer with your footwear.

Having their trainers created by various different artists who design on and around the shoe creating a unique and new feel for each shoe. BucketFeet are admired around the world and maintain something different that no other shoe manufacturer has at the moment..
BucketFeet’s mission is to find a different artist for each trainer they create so it’s something new and different for each trainer they bring out. Talented artists get the global exposure they well and truly deserve, and customers who also buy into the BucketFeet brand will get original shoes that stand out, they are designed with unique qualities and are extremely comfortable to wear. Each Trainer that the artist designs, and then sells, BucketFeet provides payment for up front and they will also receive royalties from each pair they designed which is sold.

BucketFeet hope to inspire both artist and consumer to be inspired by each other.

Available at www.office.co.uk

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