Brum’s very own K2 rises to the top with his own record and fashion label

It can be hard as a young man from the streets of Brum as drug dealing is the only for survival for many,but as you know most of the youth have major talents and thankfully there are platforms to push our up coming artists.
K2 is one artist and hope for our city who has been through a lot of trauma losing friends and family members. 
Since the age of 17 this bright hopeful has been selling his story and  has gone from being a local to nationally known MC who recently did his own sold out headline show at the 02 institute. 

Check the story of a man that has gone from strength to strength in the music scene and who shows that you can truly go from negative to positive.

Where does the name come from?

Being young I had the nick name hustler, it’s because where I have come from and all I’ve ever done was hustled. Going from negative to positive and its been hard
Sacrificing things and putting my energy into just music but I like to embrace the hustle, this is just me and everyday life really and alot of people can relate too as its just how it is.
We all go through struggles no matter what angle you are in life we all hustle. What ever your hustle is it’s just about getting paid.

Has your street lifestyle help you bring you amazing content for your music?

Doesnt matter how you live it will be good music anyway because its real, everyone has their own audience it aint just an audience for what I talk about, I’m just representing my way of life.
It’s helped me to write a story but really we all have a story to write about.
You have gone through a lot
Its all factual and when I listen back to my music I like to see the journey of where I have come from, and I know so many people relate to what I go through.

How did you get into the music game?
Started from a young age. My close friend Shamz was alive, you looking at 13 to 14 years old just doing my own videos, low budget not big channels like today, but I took it serious from 2017.

How has it been since last year?

Mad! I’ve had headline show, a manager, booking agent, radio play on BBC 1xtra, New Style Radio, and sponsorship deals.
I’ve always had a buzz around my name but when my EP dropped in November it all went crazy then the Behind Barz features with Mist

What was the process like  making the Hustler Season EP?

It was long and deep as I really wanted to explain who I was as a person. It was impoirtant for people to know who I was, thats why from track one to the end you can hear the transition of being on the road to where I am now.
I wanted to show it was all road mentality and I came away to make better of my life.
Whats the message?
It’s all about showing how you can grow as a person and make it in your talent

Do you see yourself as the voice?

Most definately, I’m not the main voice but I certainly contribute to being one for people coming from my background.

Your fellow Mist you supported on his tour, this the first time performing?

Yes twice already I supported him this is my third time round.

How has response been at the Mist shows?

I did Leeds Bristol, Leicester and Nottingham, even leaving the place the car gets crowded ha its like a movie, in the moshpits girls gripps me up on stage and all sorts.
I been performing from 17 when I never even had an ID for clubs, I was a mad performer jumping off the stage.
I had confidence from a young age so when it came to performing I always known I got it in the bag not being boasty but experience helps. Was great to have my own headline show and bring people up.

Who do you like working with?

RM Lemz I done who I want to work with, I’m satisfied who I have featured with. I’m really about focusing more on my own music and getting better.

Whats your thoughts of Birmingham are we there yet?

It’s strong to me, it’s like how it used to be. We are active, when grime went dead Birmingham was the grime and London was coming here.
Skepta was remixing Birmingham artists, Stormzy too, so Brum was already active we just went quiet.
Where would you like to see yourself in a years time?
Be nice to be nominated for an award, rated MOBO, any but yes just the recognition be nice.
I can make it off my own back, I don’t want to be relying on features and riding on someones back.
I aim to make it off my own content, talent is talent at the end of the day.