Brumfest Providing the Ideal Platform

As part of Jamaica’s 55th Anniversary of celebrations, the ‘Brumfest’ day-long family-friendly music festival had some of the Midlands’ finest performers providing endless entertainment and much vibrancy.

Billed as one of Birmingham’s major music festivals showcasing the best of British new and upcoming artists, the presence of headline acts, which included the Street Cred Magazine founder, the celebrated multi award winning singer/songwriter, Mark Dwayne, Judy Emeline, Gospel Arts Productions Academy and many more, did there bit in order to fulfil the event’s obligation.
Based at the Laurel Road Community Sports Centre, in Handsworth, the performer’s spirits were up as hosts DJs Rena Sparks and Wayne Ire did their professional ‘bit’ to hype up a baying crowd.
Caters to a vibrant multi-cultural UK, Birmingham is the UK second biggest city and it’s time for Birmingham to have a major music festival. There are lots of good talented artists in Birmingham that need exposure and
BRUMFEST proved the ideal platform as a launching pad for local talent, to play side-by-side with some of the city’s biggest names, making this ideal for all.

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