Brazil 2014 – It had the lot

Record goals, record attendance’s, record viewing figures, record online responses, record showings of dancing female Brazilian fans, record comments on dancing female Brazilian fans, a record defeat by a Brazilian national team in any World Cup, the US finally embracing ‘FOOTBALL,’ pundits, reporters and commentators realising that smaller footballing nations-Iran, Costa Rica, Australia -fully deserve their place at the so-called ‘top table’ of the international game, new stars to be lorded by Europe’s elite, and Luis Suarez adding a bit of bite to a bit of Italian. 


All-in-all the FIFFA World Cup has been a feast of “Shear Delightful Football” for fans and non-footy fans alike with a new generation of fans who can’t wait to embrace their love of the game…or even, perhaps, take-up a career in dentistry.

Despite the hosts’ shocking display, in their 7-1 defeat to the ever-efficient Germany in the semi finals and despite the fact you’d always be found out if a group of 22 inept men totally relied on the, yes huge but not super-human, talents of a 22-year-old. 

Their arch-rivals, Argentina, can do so, with their team of above adequately skilled players who play their responsible part in making the genius that is Lionel Messi the incredibly unique taken that he is.

As for the team from the Rhineland, full of goals, hard to beat, a dream to watch, it was fitting that the best player in the world should pit his incredible wit against against a team that represents football’s fullest value-on and off the pitch. England, with its much-vaunted Football Association and questionably highly-funded Premier League, watch and learn. 

The afore-mentioned US, Costa Rica, Iran, Australia plus Bosnia-Herzegovina, et ell, can take heart from their showing in Brazil 2014. For Brazil themselves, it’s back to basics…and beyond, for the country who gave us the BEAUTIFUL GAME!!!

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