Bastille are currently riding high, so high in fact that they were only beaten to the number one spot at the start of March by the might of Justin Timberlake.

They have also released their debut album entitled Bad Blood which at the time of writing is still riding high at number one on the iTunes album chart and being greatly received by critics and public alike.
Bad Blood is a mix of deep theatrical pop where each song tells a story which has been thought up by the bands creative mind Dan Smith. For those of you who have followed Bastille for a while (and many of you have) you will recognize songs on Bad Blood from earlier mix tapes and EP’s like Flaws, Icarus and the title track Bad Blood which have been beautifully produced to become stalwarts in the track listing.
 Another fan favourite featured is the haunting Overjoyed. Simplistic piano and a sublime vocal line is broken up with distorted bass line and electronic drums which merge genre’s perfectly and create at atmospheric emotive hit to the senses.
The group have been accused of genre hopping and trying to appeal to too many people with an eclectic mix of genres within the album but I see it as a refreshment to the “pop” genre (I hear indie kids vomit as I say it) which has become sterile in recent months due to corporate pushing.
Where others become dull Bastille is bringing life back into popular music. If you get a chance to catch them live I can’t recommend it enough and definitely check out the album.   

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