All Eyez On Me

The legendary biopic we have all been waiting for is finally coming out.  We have literally waited 20 years for this and its still hearsay how he was killed in gunfire in 1996!

Up to this day we can not believe and like a die hard Elvis fan would believe he is not dead!
Questions not answered, stories untold; who exactly was 2Pac? Are we going to hear the truth? Who was 2Pac?
What was his mission? The appeal was so broad, many say he was a thug, leader, poet, rap god, gangster, actor, or all of the above.
He was everything so he was soooo hyped; there has never been such a hype for a rapper since. At only 24 he was a feared man.
2 pac created the ultimate movement. Son of panther Afeni Shakur who is now resting in peace, could these leadership qualities have come from this background?

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