Album Reviews – Drake and J Cole

We’ve got 2 album reviews for you this month, Drake – Nothing Was The Same, and J Cole – Born Sinner. Check out a preview of each review below!

Drake’s debut album Fireworks was incredible as it had literally everything you could possibly ask for.
He had rap and also slow vocals when you needed them to mix up the album. Although I didn’t feel he managed to achieve this as well on Take Care.
It was still an amazing album  nevertheless but as a fan of Drake you would have preferred to see him mix in the slow smooth vocals, as that’s what made him different from other artists out there in the first place.
His 3rd and latest album was completely different for me, Although I still enjoyed it. I felt it was more darker than the others, bringing meaning  and deep messages into the singles.


Hearing J Cole in the past he’s always been creative with the words and language he’s used throughout his music. Following the success of his previous album (Cole world: The Sideline Story) it was such a success selling so many copies online and in hard copy.
The standout track on the first album was ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ because it maintains such an incredible and lovable feel towards it.
Although with his latest album Born Sinner, he does something slightly similar with a single called Crooked Smile. He basically tells people it’s okay not to be perfect as you are who you are. Someone will love you for you and you’ll still become someone by you being you.


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